Misiunea atonită la Kolwezi, în Congo – Patr.Alexandriei

 His Grace Bishop Meletios of Katanga was born M. Kamiloudes in M. Monastirion in Larisa in 1948. He studied at the Higher Ecclesiastical School of Lamia and then at the Theological Faculty of the University of Athens. In 1972 he was tonsured a monk, in 1974 he was ordained Deacon and in 1976, Priest. In 1974 he went to live at the Holy Monastery of Gregoriou on Mount Athos. In 1989 he went to Kolwezi in Congo, where he served as a missionary for 18 continuous years. On 1st November 2006, he was elected Bishop of the newly established Diocese of Kolwezi and was consecrated by His Beatitude Theodoros II of Alexandria on 25th November 2006 at the Holy Patriarchal Church of St Savvas the Saanctified in Alexandria.The Holy Diocese of Katanga was established by Patriarchal and Synodal decree on 1st November 2006 originally as the Holy Diocese of Kolwezi; its name was changed on 9th October 2009 to Diocese of Katanga.  Its jurisdiction includes the great area of Katanga in the Congo.See: Lubumbasi – Congo 

B.P Box.108 Kolwezi CONGO

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