Ruga Patriarhului Ilie II pentru pacea Georgiei

Ilia II praying for peace in Georgia/

 Tbilisi, May 23, Interfax – After a Sunday liturgy dedicated to St. Nicholas Day, Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilia II commented on the domestic situation, saying that „very tense political and other relations” have established among people.

„We are praying for God to give peace and united spirit to Georgia,” the Patriarch said.

„St. Elias said there are three sacred things – „language, fatherland, faith,” to which I would add „Our Lord, Motherland, Man,” the Georgian Church leader,” said.

„One needs to be careful towards people, people should not say or do things to one another that would make them feel ashamed of afterwards. Man must not do evil, because this evil will go back on him to make things even worse,” Ilia II said.

It is important to keep moral purity, traditions and customs, he said, adding that there has been an avalanche of immorality in the society recently.

„Each family must be a united small Church,” he added.

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