Diocese of Australia and New Zealand of the Russian Church Outside Russia opens an Orthodox mission in Pakistan

19. July 2012 – 9:24
The Russian Church Outside Russian has opened a mission in Pakistan.
Consisting of 175 people, ‘the community is rapidly developing and attracting attention of those who are interested and who seek the faith of Christ in Pakistan’, stated the message of the First Hierarch of the Russian Church Outside Russia, Metropolitan Hilarion of East America and New York, published on the Church’s official website.‘The faithful pray in the open or in any available facility.
The mission needs a facility for the church.
A member of the mission has donated some land for the construction’, the report says.Metropolitan Hilarion expressed hope that a church and a kindergarten will be built in the city of Sargodha and called upon the faithful to give all possible aid to the implementation of the project: ‘By God’s mercy, it will be the first Russian Orthodox church in Hindustan to serve as a pillar of Orthodox spirituality and a guide for the faithful and an asylum for many miserable Pakistani children’.Source: mospat.ru




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