Liturghie la Chiajna…

“One of the most amazing moments I got to live and had the luck to catch on camera was last summer, when I visited a church’s ruins. I first started out as a trip with two friends at the ruins of Chiajna Monastery, somewhere at the Bucharest’s margins. We wanted to see for ourselves what some say it would be a haunted place because of some invented stories. So I grabbed my camera and we headed there early in the morning.

I cannot explain what I felt when I had the amazing surprise of finding there not some strange ruins surrounded with the idea of creepy stories, but some Orthodox monks who recently moved there to take care of the place. They intended a request to the Romanian Patriarchate of developing a project to renovate those ruins and transform the place into a museum and build another church next to it. And I do think it’s worth all the effort in the world.

They welcomed us so warmly and told us that because it was a Sunday and we were there and the priests would come to perform the Orthodox service, they would ask them to do it inside those ruins.

I never in my life felt anything like that, I tell you. It felt like time stopped and nobody even dared to breathe, it was such an amazing silence and all you could hear was the priests sing and smell the scent coming from their censers mixed with a perfume from the lilies that were in front of the icons. I don’t think I will ever forget it.”

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